Website Design Service

Websites will be designed to customer requirements in the first instance and the many design alternatives available will be discussed at the time of ordering.

Once the initial content and type of design has been agreed, the 'first pass' design will be constructed and will be posted on the internet hidden from public view so that the client can approve the design and content from the earliest stages. This process will continue and web pages will only be placed in the public domain after they are fully approved by the customer.

Website design services are available on a 'buy as you go' basis possibly starting with a basic site of three or four pages for between 100 to 200.  Customers can then add pages to the site as and when they wish.

Websites can be designed to keep continuing support prices to a minimum by using custom designs that will allow the client to update the website with new prices and products etc.    Provided the customer has a basic knowledge of the use of Microsoft Word, all that is necessary is two to three hours training so that simple updates can easily be accomplished.

In addition to this continuing support is available to solve any update problems and to make more complex updates and modifications to the live site

Alternatively a fully managed website update service is available as required.

Graphics for for websites will be created to requirements and combined with photography as necessary to include customers products or premises etc.

Photography of products and/or premises is available to a professional standard, for use on websites, in advertising and elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss some ideas for your presentation on the internet, please call Peter Hansford on 07885 11 44 32 or see the 'Contact Us' page on this site.